How It Works!

How It Works!

Have you ever spent the whole day at work and not met your daily billing requirement, despite the fact that you worked really hard?

On other days, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the competing demands on your time and even wonder how you are going to get everything done. But does it really have to be that way? This is where the Must Do Legal time management system comes into play, an app developed by a lawyer/practice management consultant just for lawyers.

The cornerstone of the Must Do Legal app is that it addresses Parkinson’s Law, which states that the time required to do a task will expand to fill the time available for its completion. But, if you only have a limited amount of time to do something, you will be forced to be efficient and get it done. Therefore, estimating the time for each task in your workday will force you to be efficient.

Collect all your to-dos in one organized place

By emptying your mind of all the things you have to get done for clients, all the non-billable work and personal errands you need to run, you can lower stress and become more time efficient. The Must Do Legal app makes it easy to record a list of to-dos and you can even add a billing code to enter dockets later. You can also create a list of to-dos in Word and import the list into the app.

Leverage advanced app features, such as setting Start Dates, Due Dates with reminders, Priority and Calendar access. You can even organize your entire week in the new app Planner.

Create a Must Do List for the day

The key to time management is to maintain focus and not get distracted from what must get done. Must Do Legal prompts you at the start of each workday to quickly choose the tasks and matters that absolutely must be done before you go home from the office, or to sleep that night.

If you have 8 hours available at the office, it makes sense to leave time for lunch, breaks and unexpected interruptions, as well as for sending emails and talking on the phone. Hence, you may decide to schedule 6 hours of work in the app for the workday. The Must Do Legal app allows you to prioritize your to-dos easily by moving each task up or down on the Must Do Today list.

By estimating how much time each task will take, you can quickly determine what you can actually accomplish. To make this easy, the app totals the billable and non-billable work slated for the day and monitors your progress. Even better, you can schedule your billable hours target for the day and view, at a glance, where you stand as the hours tick by. The app shows you your percentage of completion of billable hours.

By estimating and tracking each Must Do, you begin to learn whether you are taking longer than desired for certain billable tasks, because sometimes you have to end up writing down your time. If some tasks/matters will take longer than a day to complete, no problem – just set up the Must Do to appear for as many days as you estimate it will take you to complete that task. There is no need to re-enter that Must Do on the next day’s list.

Entering dockets

The Must Do Legal app has a built-in timer that tracks your time as you work on each Must Do. You can adjust your time as you wish, up or down, in the Details screen.

You can type in your docket for each completed Must Do, or with later Apple operating system versions, simply dictate your docket and your dictation will turn into very accurate text.

Managing delegated tasks

It’s easy to lose track of assignments that have been delegated to others in the firm.

Must Do Legal helps you keep delegated matters under control. When you set up a task in your Task List, you can tag it as “delegated”.

The app will automatically create a Delegated Task List sorted by due date. If the due date has arrived, the app will flag that task in red on your Delegated Task List.

Need to follow up with someone about a delegated matter? No problem! The app helps you send an automated email to the other person asking for a reply.

Viewing reports

Must Do Legal lets you email a daily report of your dockets to yourself, or someone else, like your assistant or another staff person, for entry into your office’s billing software.This time keeping method may be quicker if dictate your dockets into text. It can also be annoying to search through all the firm files for the correct time slip in the billing software. Must Do Legal keeps all of your active tasks and matters at your fingertips.

More info is available in the FAQ

The New Time Management System for Lawyers E-Book delivers the full Must Do Legal System.