Losing Hours in Your Day? Free Guide: The New Time Management System for Lawyers

Learn the new “Time Management System for Lawyers”…Please click the free Guide to download your PDF edition of: The New Time Management System for Lawyers.



I. Introduction

II. The Problem with To-Do Lists

III. The Must Do Time Management System for Lawyers

Step 1. Creating a “Must Do Today” List

Step 2. Estimating Time

Step 3 Setting Priorities

Step 4 Time Tracking

IV. The Key To Meeting Your Billing Budget

V. Play Time Management Football

VI. What am I Worrying About Most?

VII. Using the Must Do System

VIII. Downloading the optional productivity App for iPhone and iPad on iTunes

Download Must Do Legal App from iTunes

Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris

Lawyer, Executive Coach, Partner at Edge International, a leading law firm consultant, founder of Must Do Legal – an iPhone/iPad app for lawyers who like time management tools. at Must Do Legal
Jeff Morris
Jeff Morris

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